I edit for a living. “Edit” covers a multitude of sins. I specialize in nonfiction, academic and trade, and focus on language — usage, punctuation, spelling, etc. — rather than structure. I work on fiction too, and have a long history in (and major affinity for) fantasy & science fiction. Although I don’t do developmental editing, if you could use a second look at the structure of your work, the big picture, I do offer critiques.

What is an editor anyway?

An editor can be a midwife or a coach, a cheerleader or a cleaning lady. If you’ve completed a draft, I can provide the critique and counsel that help bring your story, article, essay, report, book, or booklet into the world. If your draft won’t jell, if you’re stalled or blocked and getting more frustrated by the minute, I can ask the questions and offer the suggestions that get you back on track. If you’re almost there but want an editorial eye to review your work for organization and clarity, I can provide it. And if your work is ready for prime time, I can do the down-and-dirty copyedit that polishes the prose, corrects the typos, and catches the grammatical gaffes that you don’t want to find in the published version.

Am I the right editor for you?

My particular strengths are general nonfiction, especially history, biography, current events, personal essays, and memoirs; fiction, including fantasy and science fiction; and the humanities and social sciences. I’m equally happy editing on screen (MS Word preferred) or the old-fashioned way, on paper. My clients include trade publishers, university presses, academics, and several individual writers (fiction and nonfiction). Over the years I’ve worked with very experienced writers and very nervous writers. And I’m a writer myself. Sometimes “been there, done that” comes in handy.

If you’re interested, drop me a line! Either leave a comment on this page, or use the handy form below.